I am a 22-year-old computer science student and programming enthusiast. For the past several years, I have developed experimental software in my spare time. I have also developed software for several large organisations. I have a proficient knowledge in Java and a good knowledge of C++. Additionally, I am interested in graphics engineering and have created several games. I also have a good working knowledge of web technologies, including creating this website from scratch.

Aside than computer stuff, I enjoy: hip-hop music, movies, travelling, reading and writing.



I have six years of experience developing in Java for an array of different purposes. Examples include: working on on 3D first-person shooters, to monitoring J2EE Servlet Containers, to bytecode manipulation.

You may view some of my published work on Github using the link above.


I have been learning C++ over the past two years. My main motivation to learn this is understanding how to maximise the performance of my applications. My main focus has been programming with OpenGL and assembly.


I have been creating web applications for seven years, mainly with: HTML5, PHP, Java alongside frameworks such as Bootstrap. In recent years I have experimented with WebGL alongside Dart. Furthermore, I am knowledgeable in creating, using and documenting REST-based APIs with JSON.


Feel free to email me at info@jaspreet.co to discuss anything.